Monday, April 9, 2007

Johnny Hart, 1931-2007

Johnny Hart, creator of the comic strip B.C., passed away on Saturday.

Click here to see the story from Johnny Hart's local newspaper in Binghamton, NY.

In a 1980 interview with Jud Hurd in Cartoonist PROfiles, Johnny said:
"...'cartoony' and 'simplicity' became very important words to me, and I extended them into every phase of what I do..."

And the result was some of the most beautiful linework ever to hit the comics pages. Johnny's work was simply amazing. His linework was sparce, but very expressive.
Simplicity has the illusion of looking easy. It's not. Try drawing a B.C. character with the expressiveness Johnny Hart could achieve with such few lines. It's not easy.

In the above story, Johnny's wife said he died at his drawing board.
There is something bittersweet about that.

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  1. Well, I hate to hear that. Johnny Hart was a true cartoon genius. I remember copying B.C. characters when I was kid. Hart was definitely an influence.

    Hart was also instrumental in breaking the strangle hold of the dominant syndicates by going to Creators Syndicate when it started up. Although Creators (Creature Features) has become as bad or worse than the others now, it was important in the beginning as it offered creator ownership of features and this had a positive effect on the industry.