Sunday, April 1, 2007


When my sister married in Costa Rica we went on one of these through the jungle. Crazy.

This was done mostly without ink and just a tiny bit on the highlights. The original is 10" high by 15" wide. Strathmore Imperial hotpress. One 22" x 30" sheet costs me 4 dollars and I cut it into 4 of these pieces so this cost me a buck for the paper. Paper is just one of those things that it pays to get the good stuff. This took me all day and it was a pleasure to work on so it's well worth it to me. I messed up the faces on the original, so a little photoshop helped.

I've never been somebody to buy the real expensive brushes. The expensive Windson Newton brushes I've bought almost invariably split. Maybe I wasn't taking care of them right. Plus, a lot of the detail work is with super small brushes that fray easily regardless of the care it seems.