Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hidden Picture

My futile and frustrating attempt to do a Hidden Picture. Even I'm not sure what all is in there...


  1. I found the treehouse! This is a fun image. Nice work.

  2. There is a elephant's face on the upper right branch facing right, a dolphin image on the lower right of trunk and i guess a bird, made of leaves, facing upwards on the right of image where fence ends. Interesting image. By the way Ted, this is the first time I have been to this blog and you guys rock.

  3. There is a hammer hidden in the branches just below the foliage. A brush is resting atop the hammering boy's nail can. A feather? is standing on its tip behind him. A toothbrush is wedged between the branches above the hanging girl. A slice of some sort of citrus fruit is beside her. The pail is secured to the platform by a snake, and I think there is a tooth in one of the boards resting on the ground.

    Our daughter enjoyed the search.