Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Warm-Up Painting

This is from a piece I found in my sketchbook.
I redrew it, changed some things and painted it this morning as a warm-up drawing.
Originally, in my sketchbook it had some accompanying text below it as part of a story I had written.


  1. Wow. I think it's cool that you do a warm-up painting. I feel lazy all of a sudden.

  2. Another story in the making. Nice painting!


    "There's something I like about this guys pants."

    When I worked with illustrator Tim Davis, he would keep a list of "Quotes Out of Context." One from me that I remember was, "Sometimes I think I was born a straight man."

  3. I don't always do warm-up paintings.
    On days when my schedule is a little more relaxed, I'll do one. Or if I feel like if I just dive right into an assignment I'll screw up the painting, I'll do a warm-up painting to feel more comfortable with the watercolors and paper.

    Wes, you are the last person I'd call lazy.