Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tree Part Two

This came out nothing like I'd wanted. But here's a color version of the previous tree sketch. It's Photoshop, and it looks it. I need to upgrade soon so I've a better brush selection.
The frustrating thing about messing up is when you don't know what you did wrong and how to do it better next time.


  1. Wow, Ted. I just love everything about this. Most notably, his personality and his wrinkles. There is a whole book to be written up on this fellow.


  2. Nice job!
    You are a helluva digital painter!

  3. Hi Ted,

    I have a suggestion. Pick your favorite "traditional image" and copy it. This process will help to limit what you need Photoshop to do for you. Learn to make marks that you already make. Without some limits photoshop can be overwhelming. What version of PhotoShop are you using?

    I am happy to help if you have questions.


  4. Thanks, Scott... I will probably holler at you with a couple questions.

  5. Scott, what do you mean by my favorite traditional image? Like copy a hardcopy of a painting I like? I'm still using PS 6. I agree with you about some limits being good. I could use some brushes that give texture, though.