Sunday, April 15, 2007

Failed Experiment

There's nothing much special about this drawing except that I drew it while trying out a screen capture program. It records a video of screen activity. But it took fifteen minutes to draw in Photoshop, which makes for a long, boring show. I've tried to find a program that will put the movie into fast-motion to bring it down to a couple of minutes, but no luck. I thought doing this would be a fun post, and also helpful to me to see my own process and maybe learn how I can fine-tune it. But since that isn't working out, here's the static image.


  1. Do you use a Mac? iMovie makes it easy to speed up movie clips and add other effects. -Shane

  2. Hey, Shane:

    No, I don't have a Mac, although I'm continually reminded that I should be! iMovie seems to be the best solution that I've run across.

  3. Yeah, for sure! Maybe you can find iMovie at your local library's computer lab?