Monday, April 16, 2007

Low Art

I felt compelled to drop a note to the International Herald Tribune regarding their Monet slideshow.

Dear Editor:

Regarding the article and slideshow ("Monet's Rise from Cartoonist to Artist"), I must take umbrage at the suggestion that cartooning is a Low Art, one from which an artist much rise above. It should be obvious that cartooning is a profession unto itself, not part of a development process. What makes this even worse is your more recent slideshow, "The Art of Smoking," which uses free public domain cartoons as its focus. I suggest the slideshow be re-done with true artists (of the IHT's standards) portraying the act of smoking... perhaps the classic painting "Looks Like Four of a Kind" by C. M. Coolidge.


Ted Dawson


  1. Totally agree, as a student studying painting and hoping for a career in illustration it is kind of insulting to say that cartoons can not be high art. Of course, a cartoon isn't necessarily high art by default, but I think to imply that cartooning is simply the work of an untalented artist is simply ignorant. Artist and cartoonist are not exclusive terms, and a cartoonist can do more than simply make commercial art.