Monday, April 2, 2007

Recharging My Batteries in Brown County, IN

Every year my wife's family rents two cabins in Brown County, Indiana and spend a few days there unwinding, playing with the kids and enjoying the outdoors.

I always pack a bag full of watercolors, pens, ink, pencils and paper. But hardly ever draw anything, because I love playing with the kids, playing board games with the family, watching birds, flying kites and going on hikes with my wife.

I did lay on the cabin floor with my wife's nephews and niece and spend some drawing time with them. I drew a dragon standing on a big skull, holding a treasure chest with flames in the background. I drew a jungle scene complete with a lion, tiger, monkey, snake and butterfly.

We had terrific weather this year and had a couple of great thunderstorms at night. There's nothing better than going to sleep with rain pounding on the tin roof of your cabin and lightning giving you a light show on the walls.

Now, I'm back in my studio, inspired and ready to draw!

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