Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fried Hard drive.

My Toshiba Hard drive fried on me last night.  Glad I had everything backed up.
Personal HD failures.
Quantum....1 (doozy)
IBM ...........2

Backup, people!!!

I've got ten Seagates around for the last seven years and not one has yet to go on me.   I just paid the ten bucks more at newegg to get a Seagate. Years ago I started buying that brand from reading a few forums in which the digital Broadcast and TV guys swore by them.  they might have been right. 

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  1. That definitely sucks. Yes, I've had good luck with Seagate. Also Fujitsu.

    I find a lot has to do with how cool the system stays. Can be worthwhile to invest in a second fan if the tower will support it. Some hard drives just run hotter than others, anyway. So another thing to look at when buying is running temp.

    It is always good to peek inside the computer every six months or so and get all the dust out. This is a major cause of computer problems.

    For laptops, which always run hotter than desktops, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a Thermaltake IXOFT cooling pad. All the others are creep. This one uses no power but has silicon crystals inside that absorb and redistribute the heat. Proven to actually make the system run up to 10° cooler, as well as protect the lap and desk.

    I have been able to salvage data on all fried drives. You can pick up an external hard drive enclosure on ebay or on sale at stores, and use it to turn an external drive into a USB external drive and access the files, or just hook it up as a secondary drive on your computer. Might need to reset the jumpers.