Saturday, March 29, 2008

Digital Ink

I've tried inking with the tablet PC a couple of times, but its not quite there... at least with Photoshop, which has an awful lag. Considering buying Sketchbook Pro which seems to have a much better response. But I'm not sure if I'll ever quit inking on paper. This one didn't turn out too badly, but it just doesn't look or feel exactly right. I don't like the 1/32" gap created by the piece of glass over the screen.


  1. Hey, new commenter here. I have a tablet PC also. While it's a blast for doodling and goofing off, I never use it for anything intended for completion.

    SketchPad is much better than Photoshop for actual drawing and inking, but nothing beats paper and pen.

    It seems that professionals that draw and ink digitally use Wacom tablets or the Cintiq.

  2. Yeah, I know someone who really, really wants a new Cintiq. I'm curious about them myself.

    The motion tablet I have is not too bad. Most of the digital art I've posted from the past few months were done on it. Using the Wacom seems More precise. But you can't beat sitting in the recliner while drawing on a tablet!

    The Motion has a thick Wacom pen which feels great. It's just this darn glass that bugs me. I'm wondering if the Cintiq has that issue.

  3. I got to play on one at NECC a few years ago in San Diego. And I remember a distinct sense of awe and wonder when I used it the first time.
    I don't recall that separation you get with a regular tablet pc.

    I know Nick Anderson at the Houston Chronicle uses one. He's a great guy. I met him when he worked at the Courier Journal in Louisville KY. If you emailed him about it, he would probably respond.

  4. I will keep that in mind, thanks!