Friday, August 28, 2009

My Father In Law...

A scene from a true story he tells that always makes me shiver. This was a campout in the Superstition mountains in the 1950's. He's the second boy from the front.  


  1. That's a creepy illustration, Wes!
    I love it!
    It makes me want to know that story.

  2. Wow. You are an amazing storyteller as well, Wes. This is really good.

    It's also probably the darkest illustration I've ever seen! Very powerful.

    I hope he gets to see this.

  3. John, sorry for the delay.

    I think I might not do it justice to try to retell it, but let me just give some details.

    He was 15 on a campout 100 miles NE of PHX with three friends. It was late at night when all four immeditely arose and sat upright on their sleeping bags and had a sense of panic They all grabbed their 22's, ran up the hill barefoot and in their underwear and just waited. Many minutes later a lone figure came limping up the dry wash and had what looked like a large knife. He looked at the campsite for a while, inspected each bag, waited there a bit and limped off.

    The boys stayed on the hill all night, and then at daylight, rushed down and gathered their stuff and drove home.

    My father in law can tell this story Mid-day and scare you witless. It's the "real" factor that gets me and also the fact that he just doesn't tell tall tales.