Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay, imagine that a new Snoopy stamp is about to be commissioned and we get to vote on the image to be used: The "young" Snoopy or the "old" Snoopy. Which one would you vote for? For me, no contest. It would be the "young" Snoopy.

I find it almost criminal that they would choose to "lock in" the shaky-lined way of drawing Schulz had in his later years. The man had perhaps the cleanest and most-emulated inking style of all time during his peak in the Sixties. I can understand (but not agree with) the marketing logic in having an artist recreate the shaky Snoopy after Schulz's death. But to make it the Final Snoopy is a travesty.

What brought this on? Burger King is doing Snoopy toys... make that "Snoopy by Schulz®" toys. Retro-looking, most of them. And I think to myself, "I wish I could let myself enjoy this." But it saddens me to see Snoopy sans Schulz. We see what Ted Giesel's widow has allowed to happen to his creations. The Snoopy stuff is handled a little better, but it is still mostly about some not-Schulz artist drawing shaky Snoopys for Met Life and Burger King.

Why do I care? Because Charles Schulz made me.


  1. its my favaurite charecter..


  2. All right, who's been going to Burger King and buying kids meals? I hope they at least were Big Kids meals!