Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Newspapers Need to Take Risks

Washington Post's Comics Riff discusses a Comics Journal interview with Editor & Publisher's former senior editor, and comics reporter, Dave Astor.

EM: This is the Dr. Seuss “If I Ran the Circus” question: If you were running a newspaper chain or comics syndicate, what risks would you be taking? What do you think the industry ought to be doing that they’re not?

DA: If I were running a syndicate, I’d add more alternative-type comics and keep only the best “legacy” comics (which, as many cartooning fans know, are those comics whose original creator is dead – often long dead). The fewer “legacy” comics, the more slots there would be for talented creators trying to break into the business. I think a syndicate should have a mix of all types of comics, but, in general, the current mix is too tame and not modern enough to attract enough of the young-adult readers needed by daily newspapers.

And if I were running a newspaper chain, I’d publish dozens of comics in each of the chain’s papers, have a staff editorial cartoonist at each paper, and let reporters do livelier writing. I’d also settle for a smaller company profit and smaller executive salaries in order to pay for those dozens of comics, pay for those staff editorial cartoonists, and not lay off reporters. Obviously, no corporate-type person would let me run a newspaper chain in real life!

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