Monday, January 18, 2010

Shades of Liberty Meadows - Annie's Li'l Orphans

I ran across this interesting batch of artwork for a comic strip called Annie's Li'l Orphans, by Stan Drake (Juliet Jones, Blondie) and Bill Yates (Professor Phumble, King Features editor). It looks like Drake did what he did best -- draw pretty girls -- and Yates drew the funny figures.

I don't have any information on this strip. I don't know if it saw syndication, but I'm guessing not. Still, it's a rare treat to get a peek at Drake's pencils and inks up close (click the pics to supersize).

Edit: I discovered what appear to the the rest of the original strips that were part of the proposal to the syndicate. I've added them to this post. -- Ted

Copyright© Stan Drake and Bill Yates


  1. These are amazing. Where did you find them?

  2. I ran across these for sale at the Cool Lines Art website. The website address is

  3. I saw some of these strips featured in a Cartoonist Profiles article a few years ago (well maybe more than a few...).

  4. Stan was the best. Just the best. Look at the life in that girl! No one could do it like Stanley!
    I saw quite a few of these, shown to me by Bill...who was my editor in the 80s. It never took. KFS didn't run it. But what an excuse for more Stan girls!