Sunday, December 17, 2006

T-shirt for Paige.

This is a t-shirt for my adorable little niece. I actually like the stylized newspapery greytone one better, but my Wife reminds me we're talking about a gift for a little girl here. It'll probably be color. I've used for T-shirts in the past with good results. We'll see how this goes.



  1. Sweet! And your wife is right, Wes. Viva la couleur! Especially with that fiery red hair. I think you should add this to your portfolio.

  2. This is awesome!
    Any kid would be lucky to have a specialized t-shirt like this!

  3. Hahaha this is great - and I agree, love the color version! Your niece and I share the same name btw. I just LOVE all the art on this blog, hope you all don't mind if I link it.

    "Mmmmmmmmm Donuts..." -Homer Simpson

  4. P.S. Ooops, the donuts quote was in a reference to a different post about New Years resolutions lol! Sorry about that. :0)