Monday, December 11, 2006


Wes here.

Great to be hanging out with you guys.

What the heck, I'll just dive in.

This is a secondary character I'm throwing around named Howie.

He's haphazardly aced three consecutive aptitude tests and now the government has placed a GPS bracelet on him to keep track of his whereabouts.

This character came about from an experience i had in college Physics at the U of AZ. I was totally unprepared for my first exam and midway into it I just started guessing on the multiple choice test and filling in gibberish notes on the side. Turns out I scored a 74, which graded on a curve meant that I was now #2 in a class of 120 fairly smart people. I basked in the sun as an intellectual god for a few days and then promptly dropped the class.

Notes: I'm having trouble figuring out whether to use Bristol board or hot press watercolor paper for illustrations. I love how watercolor paper takes the paint and how bristol takes ink. There seems to be no happy medium for me. (the above was done with Strathmore 500 imperial Hot press watercolor paper)


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