Friday, August 20, 2010

(Gollum voice) Paaaappperrr.

I've been jumping around with a few varieties of watercolor paper.

One that I like a lot is Arches hot press watercolor board . It's more expensive than my standard love, Strathmore 500 imperial. Maybe the fact that it's more expensive helps focus my work in a way... "Shoot, I only have two more sheets of this!"

I haven't tried it with a big wet painting yet.

Thick originals are nice too with a board like this.



  1. Whoa! Hey Wes! It's been a while! Ten years? Nine? Hohoho! Are you making comics or working as an illustrator? Whatcha up to?

  2. Hi Maritza!

    Great to hear from you! It's been fun following your rise to stardom on the interwebs. Your name pops up everywhere these days.

    I'm doing illustration now, but I still get the cartooning bug from time to time. I'm mostly doing children's books at the moment with some newspaper work and landscaping on the side. -W.