Monday, August 2, 2010

Weird Al Tweets Picture Book

Weird Al Yankovic twitpicked (????) the cover of When I Grow Up, the forthcoming picture book penned by Al and illustrated by my buddy Wes Hargis.

Some of the comments from Al's tweet:

Ok, I admit it. I love the snail.

If the cover is that interesting then the book should be pretty good, I'll look for it next March.

aww ... how cute im gonna express my enthusiam for this book :D TOO it looks adorable!!

Great cover, my nephew will love it :D

Can't wait to buy it!!! Love the snail! :)

Nice cover by Wes Jarvis.

oops. Hargis. Sorry.

Now Al, that's sending a ba-a-a-a-d message to kids - standing up, steering w/his feet! J/k! Great!!

HarperCollins also publishes the Flat Stanley books! :)

I'll buy that...and I don't even have kids!

Looks good! Can't wait to read it!

If this is real, it's totally going on my blog next week in my Awesome Product feature. :)

The cover looks great. :)

I love that snail!

I'm really diggin' on the illustration style.

Why was this not out when I was a kid?!

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