Friday, May 21, 2010


For anybody out there who still uses ink to draw with, here's a little tip. Several years ago I ran across Mont Blanc ink. It's fountain pen ink, and no good for inking comics, but the bottle is very handy. It's virtually unspillable.
It is designed with an ink reservoir in the front of the bottle, so with a little tilt you can keep the ink level exactly where you want it. No more accidentally dipping the pen in too far, or having to plumb the depths for the last drops. I just poured out the Montblanc ink and keep it filled it with my favorite India ink. The bottle is translucent glass so you can monitor the ink level easily.


  1. Great idea - I'm going to get one for sure. My stingy, miserly side isn't going to let me trash the writing ink, though...

  2. Ah, just what I need! I bought an antique inkwell for this purpose and it doesn't seal so my precious pelikan ink dried up and I'm pissed now.