Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Week's Rumours

Wiley Miller, creator of the popular comic strip Non Sequitur, will be retiring next month. Taking over the drawing duties will be famous cartoonist Guy Gilchrist.

A new series of Cat in the Hat books will be published by Marvel Comics, entitled Cat in the Hat: Civil War, written and drawn by Hellboy's Mike Mignola.

To save newspaper space, the classic but declining Prince Valiant will merge with Hagar the Horrible. The new strip, Val & Hagar, will be drawn by Chris Browne.

The Twilight graphic novel hits the stands March 16, written by Jeff Smith and illustrated by Bill Watterson.

Stan Lee has announced he will be producer of a new television series about retired superheroes in a nursing home entitled Geriatric Park.

NBC announced that Jay Leno will be leaving the real world and returning to his life as a cartoon character this fall.

United Media confirmed plans to keep re-runs of Peanuts in the funny pages until 2029, at which time Guy Gilchrist will take over the strip. Gilchrist has pledged to do away with Linus and Lucy's little brother Rerun through a complex 6-month plot line.

Wes Hargis has begun illustrating a series of children's chapter books written by Stephen King. The first in the series, Carrie in First Grade, will be released in September.

Five-year-old writer Malachai Nicolle of the wildly popular online comic Axe Cop has announced he will be retiring at age six, citing conflicts with his kindergarten schedule. Rumor has it that Guy Gilchrist will be taking over writing chores.

Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon, authors of the New York Times bestselling graphic novelization of The 9/11 Commission Report, have announced the title of their next graphic novel, Universal Health Care Debacle: Call 911.

Wiley Miller, creator of the popular comic strip Non Sequitur, has announced he will be not be retiring next month.

Famous cartoonist Guy Gilchrist has announced he is looking for a new gig.

Children's author Eric Carle has denied charges by his wife that he cut up her favorite dress to make The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The comic strip Dick Tracy, created by Chester Gould, is celebrating nothing this year.

After several Re-boots (erasing the events of past years) by Marvel Comics, editor-in-chief Joe Quesada has announced "The Ultimate Marvel Reboot," scheduled to occur this summer. The latest Re-boot will eliminate all current artists, writers, titles and characters; and Marvel will begin reprinting its entire lineup in chronological order, beginning with Fantastic Four No. 1. Said Quesada, "We thought this was the ultimate way to re-introduce the Marvel superheroes to a new, younger audience."

Frank Cho will be guest artist next week for Russell Myer's Broom Hilda.

Stacy Curtis has been named editorial cartoonist for Weekly Reader.

Author Nevin Martell has written a follow-up book to Looking for Calvin & Hobbes, in which he reveals that cartoonist Bill Watterson does not actually exist. Sources say Martell provides proof that Calvin and Hobbes was written and drawn by Guy Gilchrist.

The Smithsonian Institute announced plans to unearth the remains of Charles Schulz' childhood pet Spike, upon which Snoopy was based. Geneticists plan to extract DNA from hair samples, clone Spike, and then have him euthanized and stuffed, to be exhibited permanently in the museum.

The Doozies cartoonist Tom Gammill will be replacing Bob Mankoff as cartoon editor of The New Yorker.

Famous cartoonist Guy Gilchrist used the word "poop" in his new comic strip, Today's Dogg.

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