Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dick Tracy

Several months ago there was a rumor abuzz that Dick Locher might be retiring soon from the Dick Tracy strip. I took that opportunity to draw up a few samples of my own and sent them to TMS. I couldn't resist doing my take on how I thought Dick Tracy should be done. That probably killed its chances from the start.
First off, there's not enough room any more to tell a story, so I designed the strip to be full-page width. Yes, I know, only newspapers on the planet Saturn would go for that. But that's just how much room a comic strip needs nowadays, so that's how I drew it.

By today's standards, that would mean a strip would be about eleven inches wide. Sounds crazy good and wacky, but that's about the size Dick Tracy ran when it first started, back when newspapers weren't paper napkin-sized.
Second, I didn't make it look anything like its current incarnation. I was more inspired by the powerful strips that Chester Gould made in the 1930s, when Tracy was at his peak. I got hooked by IDW's Complete Dick Tracy, which reprinted the first couple years of the strip. 
TMS liked the strips. They said they'd keep me in mind; a polite way of saying No, I reckon. I did have fun, though, and got it out of my system.


  1. Hi Ted, If you took four of the panels in each strip you did, and stacked them so they could also be a panel, as well as a strip, and then use your "fifth panel for the first one of the next know....I think this would have a legit shot. The art is top top notch. Everything you do is, but with the panel you have a shot at selling inot twice as many papers. it's a big selling point for NANCY.
    Absolutely terrific work. I would love to read this.

  2. Nice work. Though, in strip #1 you have them shaking with left hands.

  3. Thanks, Guy. That's not a bad idea. Maybe I should repackage it like that and send it back in. Couldn't hurt.

    Anonymous, that's a good catch. I set it up wrong; I needed to show the electrical glove he was wearing. I probably should have flipped the preceding panel.