Friday, December 19, 2008

Close Ups - Original Comic Strip Art

(Click to enlarge)

The Cisco Kid -Jose Luis Salinas

Blondie - Chic Young

Abbie N' Slats - Raebuen Van Buren

Reg'lar Fellas- Gene Byrnes

Steve Canyon- Milt Caniff

Little Lulu-Marge

Casper - Ernie Colon

Off Main Street - Joe Dennett

Mickey Mouse- Sergio Asteriti

Rusty Riley -Frank Godwin


  1. Wow! These will either inspire a guy or make him feel like an absolute hack. Are these from your collection? How large are these originals?

  2. I wish they were from my own collection! Occasionally someone will post a nice shot of original art when selling on ebay, or I'll run across them on other websites.

    It's so much different to see a decent scan of the original art, than the reproduction on newsprint.

    I don't know the exact sizes of these, but it was common to draw comic strips at 18" wide or more. A Peanuts strip I reproduced by hand was 22" X 5" and was from the 60s.

    I agree that these both inspire and make one feel inferior. Luckily I'm leading toward the "inspire" side lately.