Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coloring Daily Comic Strips

Lots of differing opinions among cartoonists about whether daily comic strips should be colored.

The cartoonist gets paid no more for the extra work. If they want any control over how their work looks, they take on the extra work anyway.

Reed-Brennan, the main proponent of colored dailies, used to advertise that color sells more papers... until Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues) called them on it and they had no evidence for the claim. R-B does charge newspapers extra for colorized dailies, though... a hundred dollars a page or so.

But here's a pretty good argument against the practice:

I only allowed one paper to color Spooner, in Ft. Worth, Texas. They only ran strips in color on Wednesdays, so I compromised. I recently saw this on someone's T-bird website. State of the art printing technology!

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  1. The process of printing a newspaper and aligning its different color layers isn't perfect. You'll always have some misalignments.