Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Charity projects

How many of you ever get asked to do a drawing(s) by family members or friends?

I've been asked several times and, of course, it's hard to say no, no matter how busy I am.
It's even harder to say know when it's a drawing for a t-shirt for a charity run, drawings for a Vacation Bible School, a drawing for a charity auction ... or anything that's for a charitable cause. And of course, I never charge a family member for one of these favors. Some day, I'll need a big ol' heavy couch or drawing table moved up thirty flights of stairs and then I'll call in all these favors I've done over the years.

I most always say yes to such projects and then immediately feel like pounding myself in the head with a hammer. The project ends up taking twice as long as I thought or a paying job immediately comes in or in the case of last week, I said yes to doing around 30 drawings for my sister-in-law's church's Vacation Bible School and the very next day I got sick with a miserable cold.

The drawings were black & white simple drawings (see the warrior above) and are meant to be colored by the kids at VBS. I suffered through the cold and got the drawings finished up and quite honestly, I enjoyed doing drawings that were much simpler than my usual cross-hatched brush work.

All in all, I'm pleased with the results and am excited to know someone besides me will be coloring them.

Top Three Benefits of Doing Art Favors for Friends and Family:
1. You're almost never going to get into Work-for-Hire or Spec Work pissing matches.
2. It feels good to "give back" and help someone.
3. You get a "Get Out of Jail Free" card ... sometimes literally.

What are your experiences with doing artwork for friends & family?
Let us know in the Comments area.


  1. My favorite line from friends and fam:

    "Oh, This will only take you a minute, I'm sure"

  2. How about...

    "How much do you charge per hour?"