Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Indiana Jones IV

Looking forward to the new Indy movie, especially since Spielberg says they're filming it Old School with a minimum of CGI. The previews look promising. Of course, it'll be a weekend blockbuster even if it sucks raw eggs.


  1. Though I have lived in Indiana, I have NEVER seen an Indiana Jones movie.

    Maybe on the next rainy Sunday, I'll rent them and have a little movie marathon.

  2. This needs to be the poster. You catured the older rugged harrison perfectly.

  3. Stacy, you're crazy! You have to see the Indiana Jones movies. That's just not human.

    Thanks, Wes. The first one I did, I made it up, using a pic from Harrison Ford in one of his other movies. This one is just taken from a promo movie still. It's funny, but I think the Indy movies are exactly what show Harrison Ford to be a great actor. It's more than an action role. He becomes the character, rather than vice-versa with most action movie actors.