Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art Lessons by Norman Rockwell

My wife managed to find a great Norman Rockwell book for me at the latest homeschool swap. It's called Rockwell on Rockwell, How I Make a Picture. It's a compilation of lessons that Rockwell did in the fifties or sixties for the Famous Artist School. (You know the one... "draw this mouse or pirate"... and yeah, they're still around but I'm not sure why.) Imagine having a book on how to draw or paint by someone who can actually draw and paint... better than practically anyone. It's an awesome book. Will it help? That's another issue entirely. But if you can find a copy, it's definitely worth your trouble.


  1. Thought you might enjoy this story we did on a Florida woman whose family served as models for Norman Rockwell -- enjoy!

    Katy Widrick
    Executive Producer,

  2. rockwell on rockwell
    sounds kinky
    we should stay out of their bedroom

    by the way
    i have some huge ring binders
    very old binders by an old student
    famous artist school binders
    one red
    one blue
    one yellow
    and yes
    old norm is in it
    lessons with illustrations
    i thought maybe
    i had shown them to you
    maybe i didn't
    cool old books

  3. That book is listed on Amazon in the $130's. You got a jewel! Share some of the pages and tips with us please.

    :) Krista