Monday, April 5, 2010

Dr. Seuss Life Cover

Life magazine cover by Dr. Seuss. May, 1934.


  1. I just happened on your website. I love the different types of art work that you showcase. The Spidy cartoons are really well illustrated, the John Romita stuff is amazing. The arty Stetson hat boxes were a treat. I never saw anything like them. I had no idea this art mix existed on the web. 1934’s Dr. Suess’s Maisy Bird is yacking up an amazed momma monkey in a divine Suess jungle. Gosh he was a bent genius. Your site is like an art museum online .for long lost or totally non conventional art. I saw the name Hank Ketcum on some artwork. Is this the son of Dennis the Menance’s creator Hank Ketchum or real sketches from the original? On second thought, man’s best friend may be hiding psych issues under that demonic tail, goat horns and those tiny dragon wings. The fact the joyous morphed pooch has dragged off a bandaged mummy leg is hysterical. I hope Zippy gets a name. I have to add, good work on the Coronado event graphics at the top of the page.

  2. Thanks, Olivia. Those sketches are by Hank Ketcham and are probably for magazine gag cartoons that predate Dennis.