Friday, June 26, 2009

Looking for bugs under rocks

This is another painting for a picture book proposal. I used the same technique of first painting in grayscale with black gouache. I have to work a little to get rid of the color-tinted-photograph look, but it seems to be working. It allows me to then concentrate on the color without worrying too much about losing the original look of the drawing.

The boulder was a pain in the wazoo. I spent quite a bit of time trying to make it look like a rock. Eventually I got the right contrast, but what seemed to pull it together was using a small piece of sponge to get an interesting texture.

It's often hard for me to know when to lay down the brush while painting. It could probably use some more work, but if I go too long, I just end up spending time fixing things that I've fixed.


  1. Superb!
    Great painting, Ted!

    I think I'm starting to see a story developing here...

  2. Thanks, Stacy. I think I'm finally starting to see the story develop as well, thank goodness.

    Thanks, Shana, and yes, it is watercolor over the black gouache. I've been using da Vinci tubes. And white acrylic for added highlights.

  3. Hi Ted....

    Just wanted to let you know I featured your painting in my blog post here:

    With credit and link, of course. Should be some nice exposure for your fine work.