Friday, February 13, 2009

Ted's 90 degree trick.

There were times I scanned things in and i just couldn't understand why some scans were remarkably better than others. One of the solutions was simply looking at the grain of the paper and turning it 90 degrees on the scanner so those shadows didn't show up as they do with the one on the right.  I need to thank Ted for solving this for me earlier in this post.  I've had many happy scans since then.


  1. Holy crap. What kind of tooth does your paper have that would show up on a scanner? I guess the real questions are: What resolution do you scan and what kind of paper do you use?

  2. It's funny because I use a relatively smooth watercolor paper. It's Strathmore imperial 500. The scan is at 300 dpi and the scanner is a mustek a3usb.

    I'm really happy with the way this thing picks up color, but I agree with your assessment on the tooth.