Thursday, November 20, 2008

Totally Off Topic

It's no secret that my favorite band ever is Guns N' Roses (The Handsome Family comes a close second).
I have followed them before they were known to most people. I have been to three concerts, I have bought multiple copies of their mom sewed a bunch of GNR patches all over a denim jacket for me and I wore that jacket throughout high school and I have it hanging in my closet today.

I can't explain it, their music really speaks to me.

Axl Rose is in my top three people to meet before I die. I would love to spend one hour with him, I have tons of questions to ask.

Sunday is a big day for me, after 16 years, Guns N' Roses has a new album out called Chinese Democracy.
It's exclusively sold at Best Buy...and on iTunes of course.
I will be there on Sunday morning to pick up my copy.

Dr. Pepper was so sure Chinese Democracy would not come out this year, that they guaranteed to give everyone in America a free Dr. Pepper if Chinese Democracy was released in 2008. And now they've announced they'll pay up.

Needless to say, in my studio next week, we'll be blasting some Chinese Democracy!

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