Friday, April 4, 2008


My attempt at painting Martin Luther King, Jr.
Painting in color while working from a black & white photo can be a little difficult. Done in ArtRage2. I like the way Art Rage has a "reference" option, which allows you to have a reference photo on screen. Still, getting a good likeness is not my strong suit.
I kinda like the way the colors turned out. I tried to put in a hint of movement. I feel like I should have cropped it around the middle of the left hand, as that hand seems to have become the focal point. Or maybe it should be darkened, more shadowy.
I always run across some issue that I just don't know how to solve.
At any rate, Brother Martin rocked!


  1. Your painting is a wonderful tribute.

  2. Inspiring. I love his right hand and how you captured the light and anatomy of the expression just right.


  3. Beautiful. I can hear his words.