Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

There are very few people I draw birthday cards for on a regular basis, my dad was one of them.
He always got a handmade card for his birthday and Father's Day.

As usual, my Spidey senses went off earlier this week to draw his birthday card so I could get it in the mail on time. His birthday is tomorrow. And then I realized this is his first birthday not being with us. A pretty sad moment for me, because it was one of those things I always did for my dad. He liked the cards so much he had them framed and hung them on the wall next to the computer area at home. That was special to me.

I hope to scan in all those cards and post them somewhere on my web site sometime, some of them were really funny, but until then, here's a couple of cards I made for my dad.

This is his birthday card from 2006. It's about this time he picked my twin brother and I up from our babysitter's house and my dad had shaved off his moustache sometime during the day. My twin brother kept screaming, "He's not our dad! He's not our dad!" My dad had to literally drag him into the car. I almost wet my pants.

This is the last Father's Day card I made for my dad. He was an avid fisherman, so most of his Father's Day cards were fishing cards and jokes about the many fishing trips he took us on when we were kids. Considering some of the other cards I drew for him, this one is lame. A fish saying "Happy Father's Day!" Where's the joke in that?

Like I said, some day I'd like to scan the other cards in and share them with you, some of the cards were really funny and I always felt I did some great artwork because it was just doing art for fun.


  1. So sorry about your Dad.

    My Dad used to have a beard and moustache that would've rivaled ZZ Top, once in a really hot summer he shaved it all off, He worked thrird shift at the time. SO I get up one morning and am sitting on the step waiting for him to come home as always, when he walked in I completely freaked. I kinda remember freaking out but my Mom told me later that I wouldn't talk to him for like a week!

  2. this is such a cute father's day pic! i belong to a group that plays a game called Fish World on facebook, and it turned out to be a perfect card to post on the board. <3 great job!