Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm thankful for a wonderful, loving and supportive family. I'm thankful that I'm able to occasionally pull my head out of my butt. I'm thankful to all the people of this world who work hard to make a positive difference in the lives of the human race and the human individual. I'm thankful for friends and colleagues who enrich my life.

While delivering commencement addresses, Fred Rodgers would ask everyone to take sixty seconds and think of all the people in one's life who believed in them and helped them become the person they are today.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


  1. I am thankful for everything.

    Over the past year, I've gone through some serious health problems, the loss of a parent and the ups & downs of life in general and through all of it, friends, family and complete strangers have provided support, inspiration and love that makes every day worth living.

    I'm thankful for my father, who I miss more and more every day.
    He's one of the people Mr. Rogers is talking about...he believed in me and helped mould me into the person I am today.

    I am thankful for you two, Ted & Wes, for your insightful posts and beautiful drawings and constant inspiration. You guys kick my butt and motivate me to do better work.

    I am thankful for the folks who stop by, read our blog and help make it worth updating.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  2. Love the illo...very cute...and a Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ted!

  3. Thanks, for these sentiments. I ended up working over this thanksgiving. I sent Deb and the Kids off so I could hit a deadline. It was just great to see them again.

    I too am thankful for my two Blog buddies, Stacy and Ted. I'm flattered and honored to be included in this trio, if not a bit intimidated at times.