Friday, August 5, 2011

Weird Al NPR Interview

Al Yankovic talked with Weekend Edition at NPR about Wes's illustrations for When I Grow Up:

HANSEN: Yeah. Tell us a little bit about the illustrator, Wes Hargis.
Mr. YANKOVIC: When he was given the text, he wasn't told whose text it was. Harper Collins just gave him the text and said let's see some character designs based on this. He might have done a gorilla masseuse illustration for it and he thought, oh this is beautiful. And Harper Collins gave him the job after I'd signed off on it. And when he found out it was working for me, he was even more thrilled.
HANSEN: Well, the whole idea of the gorilla masseuse - I'll explain the picture - is this huge gorilla on a massage table and little Billy is up kind of working his shoulder blades. And there's also an illustration of him milking a giraffe, I believe?
Mr. YANKOVIC: Yes. Wes is really, really good at animal illustrations, portrait.
HANSEN: Yeah, yeah. And it's beautiful 'cause it's realistic yet impressionistic at the same time.
Mr. YANKOVIC: It is. And I love the detail in it. You know, it's the kind of illustration where a kid can stare at a two-page spread for an hour and just pick out little details and little funny gags here and there.
Source: NPR

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