Monday, July 26, 2010

Captain America: The First Avenger

Edit: Well, I fell for it. This trailer was a hoax. 

It was obvious that the trailer included footage from Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, but I didn't think that would be unheard of in a pre-production trailer, one that was leading up to an Avengers movie. But I didn't catch the clips from Hellboy and whatever else that Bleeding Fool caught. What fooled me was the "WWII Captain America." I have no idea where that footage came from.

I first saw this on YouTube as a "clean" trailer and suspected it was a fake. The next day, it was gone and what remained was the "Comicon" trailer. Somebody did a good job in AfterEffects to make it look like a camcorder capture in a screening room. That was convincing for me, even if the trailer itself wasn't. Got me! I'm a sucker.

A sneak peek of the forthcoming Captain America movie was shown at Comicon in San Diego. It'll star Chris Evans, who played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies.

The flick will at least partly take place during WWII, staying true to Jacob Kurtzberg's and Joseph Simon's original wartime stories.

The comicon trailer looked promising except for one little thing:

By no stretch of the imagination is Stan Lee associated with the creation of Captain America.

I'm certain Marvel currently has an entire team of lawyers devoted to keeping Jack Kirby's heirs from having the same success as those of Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster. They're just prolonging the inevitable.


  1. Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Let's not forget Joe.

  2. Yes, absolutely. I have not heard anything about any legal action being pursued by Joe Simon, though.

  3. e.g.:


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  4. Simon had his legal action with Marvel regarding CA a few years ago and they eventually settled, so that the Captain America comics are among the few at Marvel with carry a "Created by..." credit (to Simon & Kirby). Someone should definitely let Simon and the Kirby estate know about this before it gets further, if Lee is getting a credit in there and S&K aren't (I'm assuming that three seconds before that picture there wasn't a big S&K creator credit). Lee might deserve a credit for some minor characters who might be in the movie (Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, MODOK), but I don't think Marvel usually credits for supporting characters.

  5. Thanks for that info, Matthew and Bob. I hope it eventually goes beyond just receiving a credit.

    I like Stan Lee, but I wish he would use his considerable influence to set things right. Unfortunately, he's a bit too much like Fake Stan Lee (

  6. Actually, this same error was made back in the 80s when Cannon Pictures was hyping Captain America as one of their upcoming stable of films, and was corrected when it was pointed out to them. I think it's a case of automatically thinking Stan Lee created when it comes to classic Marvel charaters than any legal shennanigans.

  7. That's from a fake, fan-made trailer. Bleeding Cool wrote about it last week:

  8. Hard to believe the same mistake could be made twice, since Stan Lee definitely DID NOT create Captain America. Methinks Stan likes to hog credit he doesn't deserve. In all these years he has NEVER stood up for his collaborators. Take the money and run, that's how he rolls.

  9. Well, they fooled me. Guess I will be eating crow for breakfast!