Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Popeye Original

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  1. It's amazing how much violence was in those old strips, yet we from that generation turned out ok.
    Have ya ever made the trek to Chester Ill. to see the statue?

  2. That's where Segar is from? No, I have never been up to Illinois. Someday I hope to make it up there and visit a friend. I have seen photos of the statue, though.

  3. AWESOME. I LOVE how you guys post these vintage strips. E.C. Segar wa sa master at line and movement. Many French comics these days have a similar line quality, that I think is lost in most American comic strips today.

  4. I have noticed that the line is not what it used to be in many comics nowadays. Maybe part of it is due to comics like The Far Side and Dilbert, and maybe due to the influence of manga as well.

    I enjoy running across these old original strips and being able to see the pencil marks and real inking, instead of seeing poorly-reproduced images.

    Any recommendations for French work?