Monday, December 28, 2009


Messing around in ArtRage.


  1. Hey Ted - fun Spidey. What are your impressions of ArtRage? Do you get to spend more time drawing than messing around with the interface?

  2. Hey, Kelly,

    I like ArtRage a lot, and I like being able to paint with Un-dos.

    I use it on a tablet PC and it seems like ArtRage was made for it. The interface makes other programs look clunky. A little click, and all the palettes are hidden and you have virtually the entire screen to draw on.

    It has a very natural feel to it. I haven't used other painting programs, though, so I can't offer a comparison. It does offer layers, layer modes, and exporting with layers.

    I mostly use it for fun, and it wouldn't be fun if I didn't get to spend the time drawing instead of messing around with controls. I'm lazy and impatient. I'm also a cheapskate, and you can't go wrong at 20 bucks. The free demo version is way more functional than other demo programs.

    I just watched your demo reel. Awesome stuff!

  3. Thanks, Ted - I think I'll give ArtRage a whirl. Thanks for your kind words, as well.

    Happy new year to you and yours.