Thursday, January 29, 2009

School Visits

As mentioned earlier, Mike Knudson, the author of the Raymond and Graham chapter book series and I teamed up and visited three elementary schools in Naperville, Illinois this week. We had a blast meeting the kids, librarians and teachers at the schools and we are so glad they loved "Raymond and Graham Rule the School" and "Raymond and Graham Dancing Dudes."

Here are a few pictures (courtesy of the schools) of our visits:

At Ellsworth Elementary School: Mike Knudson (left) brainstorms with the kids, while my BIG, GIANT HAND is drawing things that happened in the book up on the screen.

At Ellsworth Elementary School, Mike reads a scene from "Raymond and Graham Rule the School," while I draw it.

Drawing for the kids at Naper School.

At Naper School, deciding which events in the books are fact and which are fiction.

Thanks again to the folks at Naper School, Ellsworth Elementary School and Ranch View Elementary School for having us visit!


  1. Great pics! The students AND the teachers look like they really got a kick out of your drawings. How cool to have a "live" book and illustration! You guys could probably do this full time.