Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mystic Woods Sketch

I'm doing some more work on Mystic Woods this week in hopes of developing it as a junior graphic novel. This was drawn in Sketchbook Pro. The little guy's name is Boo.
Today I spent time working with the kids on their cursive lettering, and then to make things a little more interesting we did some calligraphy. They really pick things up quickly.
Penciled one Sunday strip and began another. I ran out of caffeine-free Mountain Dew and had to drink the hard stuff. The new Mountain Dew logo sucks! It is one of the worst I have ever seen. What happened to all the great logo designers? They've been replaced with people who fiddle around in Illustrator and never sit down with pencil and paper, using good design principles. Even my 9-year-old son thinks it's awful, without any prompting.
Talked with a really nice newspaper publisher today who said their readers are enjoying Grubbs. It's nice to have actual contact with newspaper people.
Just finished reading Steve Canyon book 2, 1948. Milton Caniff was a genius. I've never seen better storytelling, and its awesome seeing his art at its peak. He was so heavy with the brush, at least 50% of the space in his strips was black. A little too heavy at times, but mostly to good effect. It's almost as if he was painting with ink rather than drawing. Highly recommend it.
It's been a challenge keeping my basement studio warm. It takes two space heaters on the coldest days. I don't mind it being cool that much except it is harder to draw with cold fingers. I have some animator gloves but just can't draw with 'em. Last winter I was doing a lot of work on my tablet PC, so I worked upstairs more, and anyways, the computer is a source of warmth. Good in winter, bad in summer.
I got a little disgusted yesterday reading about a company that is laying off thousands of workers, and upon making that announcement, its stock price rose considerably. It's hard to tell which companies are really hurting and which ones are taking advantage of the economic climate to expedite cutbacks.
Burn Notice is back on. I love that show.


  1. Totally agree on the new MTNDEW logo - absolute crap.
    It's a texters world - even in logos.
    On the flip side, the design world does save themselves with the new 'We' logo for Al Gore's environmental groups. That thing is top notch.


  2. You're right, that's a logo very well done. One can't look at "we" without also seeing the "me."