Sunday, January 18, 2009

Illustration Friday- Pale.

Watercolor on strathmore imperial 500 with touches of acrylic.  About 7 or eight inches tall.

I need a better opaque white acrylic for highlights. I keep having to hit the spots again.



  1. Have you tried Deleter White? I love it for highlights. What a gorgeous illo! I love the expression on the dog, and th oversized hat! Beautiful!

  2. Wonderful illustration and I love her dress and slip!

  3. Awesome, Wes!

    Here are some possible white alternatives:

    Pelikan Graphic white
    (Mister Art has it)

    DALER-ROWNEY Pro White

    Winsor & Newton Designer’s Gouache: Permanent White

    I have used a white Prismacolor pencil and a white gel pen as well.

  4. Super illo - love their expressions!

  5. Thanks for the nice comments and the help on the white paint issue. I'm going to try these out!

  6. Your illustrations are fantastic. I love your Obama caricature too. I wish our leader was as smart and good looking as yours ;D I'm from Australia, we have a short square headed fellow with white hair and glasses - (Prime Minister 'Kev McFudd' no really his names Kevin Rudd ;D

    I'm so happy for you guys as finally you have a leader who is going to do great things for your country.