Friday, October 19, 2007

The Land of Lost Things

I was reading "Mort Walker's Private Scrapbook" and came across this children's book Mort Walker (creator of the comic strip "Beetle Bailey") and Dik Browne (creator of the comic strip, "Hagar the Horrible") collaborated on in 1972. It's called "The Land of Lost Things."

After reading about the book, I had to have it.

I dug around on eBay and and found a copy.

It's a beautifully drawn, amazing book.
The interior spreads are staggered ... a black and white spread, then a color spread, a black and white spread and then a color spread and so on. Maybe for cost purposes, but it really does spotlight Dik Browne's beautiful black and white linework.

Book summary: "Booney is the forgetful keeper of the Boondocks. One day Tad, a lost boy, wanders into Boondocks. Since Booney has misplaced the magic words for sending lost children back to their parents, he makes Tad his permanent assistant - in charge of the toy department."

I highly recommend it.


  1. I'm so glad you liked this book! My father, Dik Browne, drew the pictures and I think it's the best work he and Mort ever did. I am starting to draw children's books myself. You can see some of my work at

    Happy New Year!

    Chris browne

  2. I have a copy of the German translation. It's called »Klaus im Klöterland«. My girlfriend found it at an online 2nd hand bookshop.

    The cover is practically identical, except for the type.

    The inside is similar, but the illustrations are full-color, if I'm not mistaken!

    I'm amazed how hard it is to find traces of this book even online where usually you can find even the most peculiar and rare things. I mean, Amazon and some other stores list it, but with no picture, no info except for the title, nothing.

    And it's only now that I realize that the authors' names sound so familiar. Of course, Beetle Bailey and »Hägar der Schreckliche« (German title)! How did I not notice this earlier?

    I had this book as a child and vividly remember the pictures and the story, but strangely only became aware of this a few years ago (the book got lost sometime inbetween).

  3. This is a great book. I remember one of the illustrations where the boy gets lost and the crowd's legs turn into vines - i think!. Mesmerizing (and a little terrifying) as a child. It’s stuck with me to this day. Can’t believe it’s not in print anymore along with the other classics.