Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wacky Wedding

Here is my entry for the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators illustration contest.
The challenge was to illustrate a very unconventional wedding.

Wow! They had over 100 entries!

Click here to view the winning entries.

Congrats to Brad Sutton, Kristi Valiant and Ryan Gerrish.


  1. Beautiful piece, Stacy! It looks as if you incorporated several mediums in this piece. What all did you use to color this? ___Again, really nice!

  2. Hi Bucky! Thanks!

    I used my usual ink, watercolors on this piece. Nothing too fancy.

    It was fun to draw!

  3. Very cool, Stacy, but you mean there's no colored pencil use on top of the watercolor, or anything like that? Love your color work. Beautiful.

  4. Nope, that is all watercolor. It does look like colored pencil at a small file size though.

    My watercoloring style tends to be crosshatching in watercolor on top of the underpainting. It's not something you see alot of, I think I developed it from my cartooning background.

  5. Very interesting. ___I love the technique and effect.

  6. I think your illustration is quite charming and very unconventional...I never would have thought of a wedding between a salt and pepper shaker.Kristi's is good too, I actually like these better than the winner...

  7. Bucky, wherefore hast though been? (pronounced "bean") Ted say Hey.

  8. Hi Ted. Oh, I've been lurking here and there. Not to worry, I check in daily with you guys and it goes without saying that I am fascinated by the work posted. I really wish there was a way to post comments after Wes's stuff...what's happened to that option? Just curious.___But I have also been dealing with a bad lower back and turning 46 just a couple days ago....so this old man is moving slower....ha.___You guys keep up the great work.