Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eight Things You Probably Don't Want To Know About Me

1. I’m a Thursday.
2. I was a ballroom dance instructor.
3. I am an Introvert. (The main difference between an extrovert and an introvert is that an extrovert recharges his or her batteries by being around people, and an introvert does so by having alone time.)
4. I had a pet white rat while in art school. Her name was Phil. She would sneak into bed with me at night.
5. My right shoulder has dislocated over 30 times.
6. I can’t grow sideburns.
7. I saw Elvis in concert. My Mom took me for my birthday when I was ten or eleven.
8. I had an I.Q. in the 99.9 percentile until we had children.


  1. THIRTY times? Shoot, I've seen ONE dislocation happen to a friend and I think I passed out after that.

    Great expression. Priceless.


  2. So when you were a kid, did you want to grow sideburns like Elvis?

  3. Dude, I wanted to SING like Elvis. And now I do, even though I don't want to any more. Ever see one of those "recording studios" in the mall? Well, that's another thing you don't wanna know about me.

  4. hi. i just stumbled upon your blog and let me just say one thing:


    your characters and comics are lively, colorful and either dramatic or very funny. i've spent the last hour simply enjoying your blog. you even inspired me to take out my old sketch pad and start drawing again. i'm definitely not as brilliant as you are, but i forgot how fun it is to just sit down and sketch. you brought it back again. thanks so much.

    please, keep up your wonderful work!


  5. Thanks, M! That's awesome to hear. Please let us know if you happen to start a sketch blog of your own. Either way, I'm humbled that we inspired you to pick up the pencil again. That's what's great about doing this blog with Wes & Stacy. They help keep me going. Its doubtful that I'd be doing... well, a large amount of the art I've posted is due just to having this blog. I wouldn't have even drawn much of what I've posted if it weren't for them. Not that they should take the blame for it, but...

    Anyways, as Stan the Man says, Excelsior!