Saturday, October 9, 2010


An original Pogo by Walt Kelly from 1968. Click to enlarge.


  1. My general reaction is similar to Churchy la Femme here. Everything's artisticly written and drawn, but I have absolutely no idea what's going on. This is one comic that NEEDS pages of historical backstory to be able to understand the political climate back then.

    At least Bloom County was still enjoyable on its own merits.

  2. Incidently, where DO you find these originals? Did you go to some obscure underground comic auction and get them by the bushell? Or are you good friends with a comic original collector? Or are YOU the comic orignal collector?

    All I've got are the Sunday comics that I kept with me while growing up, and I'm still searching in vain for a house that might've kept some old comics from the 80's that I haven't seen since I was litle. Could you help point me in a general direction so I'd know where to look?

  3. The original comic strips I post are images that I find online, usually on ebay. I couldn't afford the hobby of actually collecting them. I try to find good, large scans that let us see the pencils and brush strokes, at something close to the original size.

  4. Rats. I suppose your method of accumulation makes sense, since the samples are just as good as the real thing. Still, these are impressive finds. Keep looking!