Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are You A Superhero Or Supervillian?

NEW YORK – There may be a hero in all of us, but there's also a possible supervillain waiting to run amuck if one of us were to acquire superhuman strength or the ability to fly. In a society that reveres superheroes, just how many people could follow the do-gooder's path if they were suddenly bitten by the radioactive spider?

That thought may not weigh heavily on the costumed attendees of New York City's Comic Con that kicked off today (Oct. 8). Yet the odds for ordinary people becoming superheroes rather than villains don't look great when news headlines frequently tell stories of corruption among those with power – politicians, law enforcement and business leaders. And everyone has witnessed the more petty abuses of power that take place in workplaces and on the playground.
Yes, power does corrupt, researchers say. But they add it can also... 

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  1. Some people can be superheroes at some times, and supervillains at others. But there are very few people who decide in their minds to be supervillains intentionally. Heath Ledger's Joker is one of the few...