Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roy Crane Buz Sawyer Unfinished Strip

I ran across this original Buz Sawyer strip on ebay. It was unused because creator Roy Crane spilled a big goop of ink on it. I think we've all done something like this at some point, and sometimes it's just not fixable.
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Speaking of not fixable, the photos that were posted on ebay were awful. I did my best to take the misaligned close-up shots and piece them together into one image. It is dated August 25, 1945. It would be interesting to compare it with the "do-over" strip.

Anyways, this allows us a look at a rare, unfinished strip by Roy Crane. Note the hand sketches in the bottom right-hand corner. The strip was given to political cartoonist Jim Ivey, who had it hung in the Cartoon Museum in Orlando. The inscription reads: What a smuck smear! This is one of the few strips I've done over. Best wishes to friend Jim Ivey from Roy Crane.


  1. Wups! Looks like you're right. I was going off of what the ebay seller had. But it looks like "smear" to me. "Smuck" is the wrong spelling anyway.

  2. I enjoyed the hands around the margins. He was obviously trying to figure out which way to position the hand pointing in the last frame.