Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Sideways Comic Strip

And here I always thought I had invented the sideways comic strip.

I just saw over at Bhob's blog via Comics Reporter that Roy Crane did it long ago, and of course, 'way better. I'm a huge fan of Crane's work in Buzz Sawyer and Captain Easy.

Actually, I was never so vain as to think I "invented" the idea; I just haven't seen another one until now. Occasionally I liked to push the envelope a little and see what I could do with that little space of newsprint.

If you know of any other "sideways" comic strips that have been published, let me know.

Stacy, you were right about Rose is Rose. I found this "sideways" strip of Pat Brady's.


  1. I'm pretty sure Pat Brady did some sideways "Rose is Rose" comic strips.

  2. At least one pre-2000 BEETLE BAILY (IIRC it involved Cookie) and I'm pretty sure a couple of LI'L ABNERS. MUTTS has done some vertical strips but I don't know if they pre-date yours.

    Always loved SPOONER.

  3. Thanks, Buzz.

    I am surprised you mentioned Beetle Bailey. Now I'm wanting to find them all and publish a collection of all "sideways" strips.