Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nancy & Sluggo

I might be the only person who goes ga-ga over original comic strip art, but here is some more. This sequence of Nancy strips starts with creator Ernie Bushmiller and ends with current cartoonist Guy Gilchrist. Click to supersize and see the details.


  1. It seems to me in that third comic strip, that should be Miss Ritz's head sticking out of the window, not Nancy's.

  2. Looks to me like an editor got ahold of it. You can see that Fritzi was drawn there originally. I can see a syndicate editor saying, "Hey, we can't have a Nancy strip without Nancy."

  3. Yes, that strip originally ran a few years earlier, around 1970, and it was a rare modern Fritzi only strip. It was really really rare for a Bushmiller daily to only have was practically the only one from that period.