Thursday, November 26, 2009

Warren Kremer Original Art

Here are more Harvey comics pages drawn by Warren Kremer. If you're a fan of Harvey Comics, you may enjoy Mark Arnold's Harveyville Fun Times website and books.

Comics were instrumental in my learning to read, and also (obviously) in my career choice. I still get sad when I go into a grocery or convenience store and don't see a spinner rack full of comics. It's my hypothesis that, in the 80s, stores got tired of being the hangout for kids after school and on weekends, so they began redesigning their storefronts to be less and less kid-friendly. No more comic books, no more video games. The sole holdout seems to be Archie digests, but even they are getting more and more scarce.

It didn't help that the feckless Harvey boys let their personal spat lead to the dissolution of the comics company. Harvey characters now sit in limbo, owned by some licensing firm.

Archie Comics is holding out much better and they're at least trying to make good comics and stay in touch with their readers.

A while back, though, they made a deal with DC Comics, which now handles the advertising for Archie. I hope this doesn't lead eventually to Warner ownership of Archie Comics.

Top Shelf Comics has done a great job of bringing comics to kids, with Owly, Johnny Boo, Yam and Korgi. Mike Kunkle (Herobear and the Kid) is doing wonderful work on a kid-friendly Shazam! They're still hard for kids to get, but at least they're out there. I've got a project along these lines myself, and will post some stuff soon.

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