Friday, October 23, 2009


Somebody once told me that Mort Walker liked my comic strip.
Somebody else once told me that Sparky Schulz would have liked my comic strip if he had lived to see it.
One time a guy in Texas sent me home-made beef jerky in exchange for signing a newspaper photo copy of my comic strip.
One of my comic strips appears in The Official Nora Roberts Companion.
I'm pretty sure my comic strip set a record by being with a different syndicate each year it was in newspapers.
Somebody once told me it doesn't matter how good you are.
Writing and drawing a comic strip is pretty hard unless you don't care what anybody thinks.
The only thing worse than being a bad cartoonist is being a stupid cartoonist.
My "beans don't have mommas" strip appeared in a PETA newsletter.
One time I drew a whole month's worth of daily strips in a 48-hour period.


  1. I love the Spooner comics. Have two of the books so far. Gonna get the all one day.

  2. Thanks, John! I looked through your blog. You've done some wonderful paintings. I wish I had that kind of skill.

  3. SPOONER was/is a great strip. The "do over" strip you posted was one of the most inventive things anybodu has ever done wioth a comic strip.

  4. Thanks, Buzz. I appreciate the good words!